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Aman Safe Deposit


Looking for a reliable place to store your valuables?

Then CBD’s Aman Safe Deposit Locker is the solution for you. Offering complete peace of mind, our world class safe deposit lockers keep your most precious possessions protected and secure.

Features and Benefits

  • Various sized safe deposit lockers available in world class rooms with the latest security systems.
  • A nominal annual fee depending on the size of the locker.
  • Located at many CBD branches across the UAE.
  • Nomination facility is available for family members.
  • Individuals (not minors), firms, limited companies, associations, and societies are eligible to rent a locker.
[Applicable for renewal from 01-03-2018 to 30-04-2018]
SizeRent per annum Security Deposit* 
SmallAED 500AED 2,000
MediumAED 750AED 2,500
LargeAED 1,000AED 5,000
X LargeAED 1,500AED 5,000
XX LargeAED 2,000AED 10,000
XXX LargeAED 2,500AED 10,000 

*Terms and Conditions apply

[For New Safe Deposit Lockers availed from 01-03-2018 & renewals from 01-05-2018]
SizeRent per annum Security Deposit*
applicable for new lockers
availed from 01-03-2018
Security Deposit*
applicable for existing lockers
holders availed [prior 01-03-2018]
SmallAED 1,000AED 2,000 AED 2,000
MediumAED 1,250AED 5,000 AED 2,500
LargeAED 2,000AED 7,000 AED 5,000
X LargeAED 2,500AED 10,000 AED 5,000
XX LargeAED 3,500AED 20,000 AED 10,000
XXX LargeAED 5,000AED 25,000 AED 10,000

*Terms and Conditions apply

Safe Deposit Lockers can be offered at the blow branches subject to availability:

  1.   Dubai Branch
  2. Jebal Ali Branch
  3. Jumeirah Branch 
  4. Sharjah Branch
  5. Ras Al Khaimah Branch
  6. Baniyas Branch
  7. Sheikh Zayed Road Branch
  8. Al Quasis Branch
  9. Ajman Branch
  10. Main Branch
  11.  Fujairah Branch
  12. Al Quoz Branch
  13. Zayed the first Branch
  14. Attijari Al Islami – Sharjah Branch

At the time of applying for new Locker or at the time of renewal of existing locker, you can liaise with your Private Banking / Al Dana Relationship Manager. You will be offered a locker and initially your account will be debited for the charges as per the applicable revised charges.

The Relationship Manager will check your eligibility, obtain the waiver/discount and arrange to reverse the charges to your account.


There is no waiver for deposit amounts.

Discounts/Waivers are offered at the sole discretion of the Bank and can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

Discounted rate for customers in following categories:

  • Private Banking - with balances holding 20 Million /salary AED 150K -  100% discount on all size including XXXL.
  • Private Banking/Ultra Al Dana - with Liabilities holding 10 Million / salary AED 100K - 100% discount on all size excluding XXXL.

  • Al Dana - with Liabilities holding 5Million / salary AED 60K - 25% discount on all size excluding XXXL.

  Note: Salary transfer and liabilities holding considered at the time of locker sign­ up/renewal.

Yes CBD will be pleased to offer available lockers to customers. However XXXL size Lockers are reserved for Private Banking customers.
  •  For new Lockers, the new charges were effective from March 01, 2018.
  •  For customers with existing lockers, the new charges will be effective from May 01, 2018.
  •  Revised Security Deposit amounts are applicable for new customers only, and will not apply for existing customers upon renewal.


Rent per annum

Security Deposit*
applicable for new lockers
availed from 01-03-2018

Security Deposit*
applicable for existinglocker
holders availed [prior 01-03-2018]


AED 1,000

AED 2,000

AED 2,000


AED 1,250

AED 5,000

AED 2,500


AED 2,000

AED 7,000

AED 5,000

X Large

AED 2,500

AED 10,000

AED 5,000

XX Large

AED 3,500

AED 20,000

AED 10,000

XXX Large*

AED 5,000

AED 25,000

AED 10,000